Fawohodie Road Body Art Photoshoot

Have you ever heard of the phrase “words cannot describe how I feel”. This is how he lived his life. In silence. He understood that in the world he lived in, your feelings where understood through what you said or you’re emotions. His lips were always tightly sealed, for what he wanted to express was too great. He sat under a tree as he mixed oil and white clay together till the texture was right. He drew what was on his mind on his body. Passers-by looked at him suspiciously as they passed, but he didn’t care. He could feel a new sense of independence as he drew. He stood up and walked for miles on the dirt roads of West Africa. When he reached his destination he stood in the middle of the road put his fists together and puffed up his chest. People stood around him looking at the symbols, not saying a word. He looked at them all in the eyes as they looked back at his. He had finally communicated, 'Fawohodie Road'.


This Creative Body Art Photoshoot was shot in Ghana, Africa.