Dua Fe Africa Creative Body Art Photoshoot

Mother Africa. She plays her role the best she can with the one thing remaining the same,  her unconditional love for her world. She believes in her femininity, cleanliness of herself and her home. She washes the clothes eliminating any dirt and bad feeling. Leaves them to dry as she sweeps her home. But through her domestic ways you cannot help but see her always in deep contemplation of her world. Her shoulders are heavy; she carries her nation on her back. Walking in grace, in peace and in love, never putting others in harm’s way. In her state of thought she has an epiphany. She realises her nation is abundant in resource and has had its struggles but is still persevering. The journey has been long and tiresome but as long as she continues to have unconditional love for her continent it will in return love itself. 'Dua Fe Africa'.


This Creative Body Art Photoshoot was shot in Ghana, Africa.